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No two brains are alike, so there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to learning.

Most of us have, at some point, experienced a disconnect in our learning environment when we found ourselves unable to "fit" a prescribed mold.  


We were unable to meet certain expectations, and experienced shame as a result; our interactions with and within this learning environment negatively impacted our growth, willingness to take risks, and desire to learn.


Eva uses the strength-based tools of Positive Psychology, traditional coaching, and behavior therapy to help clients discover their particular genius and be released from the cycle of shame that hinders their growth.  She brings expertise in literacy and the arts to help individuals discover their strengths and develop confidence in sharing their voice. 

Eva is drawn to highly sensitive and exceptionally gifted folks who bring learning challenges which impact on their language and literacy development. They may hold diagnoses of AD/HD, dyslexia, and other receptive/expressive language learning differences which make it challenging to show what they know and connect with others in expected manners. Eva appreciates that these individuals often process information in creative and dynamic ways, and she designs learning experiences which enable them to confidently meet the demands of school and life beyond school. 

Sessions take place at agreed upon private locations in the Boston area, or via Zoom, Skype, or coaching calls.

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