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Educational Therapy

"Intellect, emotion and spirit depend on one another for wholeness. They are interwoven in the human self and in education at its best."

    ~The Courage To Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life, by Parker Palmer

What is Educational Therapy?


Educational therapy is a form of therapy that takes into account the whole picture of the individual and their life circumstances--including social/emotional, educational, cultural, physical, cognitive, and educational situations. Educational Therapists are exceptionally empathic educators who are specially qualified to understand, and respond to the individual's learning needs and talents as they are influenced by these forces. Unlike tutoring or academic coaching, it goes beyond academic skills to serve the individual in life beyond school. Importantly, learning is approached as a process that is observed in the context of the individual's development. The goal is always to foster confidence, autonomy, and joy in learning. 

Language & Literacy

Reading and writing interventions which harness the power of individual creativity and natural talents. Integrating a variety of creative approaches to expressive and receptive language-based tasks.

Educational Planning & Advocacy

Working closely with family members, allied professionals and school staff to support each student's progress and advocate for appropriate educational care for those with language-based learning differences. Providing guidance in designing curriculum and behavioral accommodations, and supporting the transition process to new school environments.

Social-Emotional Learning

Promoting the deep sense of connection & safety that allows for learning. Developing a healthy sense of self that supports connection. 

Assessment & Process Monitoring

Conducting formal and informal assessments to determine each student's learning strengths and needs in reading and writing. Providing multiple opportunities for students to self-assess as we establish goals for therapy.

Executive Functioning

Building the capacity to self-regulate and practice behaviors that promote positive growth. Applying a variety of assessment tools to understand the client's ability to skillfully engage in purposeful, goal-directed action.

Demystification of Learning Exceptionalities

Helping the student and caregivers develop a deep understanding of their learning disorders and strengths so that they can skillfully meet the demands of school and life. Consulting with neuropsychologists and other allied professionals to understand diagnoses and learning behaviors.

Designing opportunities for students to explore their strengths and interests at home and through informal learning experiences.
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